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Settlement Agreements

Wainwright Timms LLP specialises in employment law and has for many years successfully advised both employers and employees on Settlement Agreements.

A Settlement Agreement (which replaced Compromise Agreements) is a legally binding contract in which an employee agrees to waive his or her legal claims against the employer on agreed financial and other terms.

Once signed, the employee will no longer have the right to pursue employment-related claims such as breach of contract, unfair dismissal and redundancy. However, in order to be legally binding, the employee is required to have sought legal advice prior to signing the agreement.


How we can help

Wainwright Timms LLP has over twenty years of experience in helping clients in negotiating the terms of their Settlement Agreements. If you require advice regarding Settlement Agreements, let's talk.

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Settlement Agreements for Employers

We can work with you to ensure you have negotiated the best possible terms for your settlement agreement in a quick and seamless manner. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free, initial discussion about your situation. Find out more.

Settlement Agreements for Employees

We can work with you to identify the best strategy for you and your business, taking into account the size and nature of the business you run. Should you need to deal with a particular problem in the workplace, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free initial discussion. We can assist you with every stage of the process. Find out more.