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Sexual harassment includes a number of different actions such as unwelcome, unnecessary touching or unwanted physical contact or sending offensive emails etc. It can also include a one-off incident and be deliberately intended or not deliberately intended at all.

The law protects individuals against sexual harassment by their employer, their colleagues and also by third parties, such as customers (if the act took place before 1st October 2013).

If you are experiencing sexual harassment at work, the first step you must take is to tell the person sexually harassing you to stop, as long as you feel that it is safe to do so. You must also inform your manager of the situation since they owe you a duty of care to protect you from sexual harassment in the workplace. Additionally, we recommend that you keep a written record of what transpired when you spoke to him or her. These days many people have a recording facility on their phone and this can be helpful in these sorts of situations. If your manager is the person sexually harassing you, make a more senior member of the organisation aware of what is happening.

Should your problem not be resolved informally, you may have to make a formal written complaint to your employer, by way of a grievance procedure. In order to proceed you must have collected evidence to prove your case. You have three months from the day of the last time you were sexually harassed in order to issue a claim at an Employment Tribunal.

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