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Apprenticeships Legal Advice

Apprenticeships Legal Advice

What is an apprentice?

Whereas an intern tends to want to gain experience in working for a particular industry, an apprentice is often certain of the career path they wish to pursue. Thus, an internship tends to be shorter and can often be unpaid, but an apprenticeship will generally be remunerated and will often last longer and lead to professional qualifications.

In that respect, an apprentice is considered to be an employee and therefore has the same rights as an employee, so it’s well worth taking apprenticeships legal advice. An apprentice is entitled to a regular wage, which at the very least meets the minimum wage and the usual requirements as to holidays, fair working hours and breaks. Moreover, apprentices are also required to have access to adequate health and safety training and prevention and to be able to work without facing any discrimination.

Apprenticeships Legal Advice

Consequently, in order to dismiss an apprentice, an employer must establish fair grounds for dismissal and these can include poor conduct or the inability to do the job properly. It is essential that an employer acts ‘reasonably’ during the course of a dismissal and that he or she follows the written set of disciplinary and dismissal procedures that are required to be provided to all employees at the start of their employment.


How we can help

We advise both employers and apprentices with regard to unfair dismissals. If you need any advice about firing an apprentice or if you believe your apprenticeship to have been terminated unfairly, please do not hesitate to contact us for legal advice.

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