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We can help with Stress at work issues.

In recent years work stress has become an increasing problem in the workplace, as stress at work solicitors we maybe able to help. Nearly one in five people in a stress study claimed to find work either very stressful or extremely stressful. Although stress is not an illness, it has been found to have adverse effects on an individual’s general health.

An employer is required to reasonably provide for the health and safety of their employees.  If an employer is found not to have acted to prevent his or her employees from contracting stress-related ill-health, they could be found to be negligent.

If an employee is dismissed on the grounds of work-related stress, they may be able to bring an action of unfair dismissal against their employer in an employment tribunal.

We have over twenty years of experience acting as stress at work solicitors and in advising clients about work-related stress.


How we can help

If you believe that you have been unfairly dismissed on the grounds of work-related stress or if you believe that your employer has failed to take preventative measures against you developing a stress-related illness, contact us for expert legal advice.

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