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breach of contract

Breach of Contract – Artwork from See-ming Lee

A contract is considered to be broken if either the employer or the employee fails to adhere to the terms of the contract that they agreed upon, or if the employer changes the terms of the contract without the agreement of the employee.

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If your employer has breached one of the terms of your contract, it is sensible to first of all try and resolve the matter with them informally. If this fails and you act within the time limit prescribed to make a tribunal claim, you might be able to prove that you have suffered financial loss in which case you could be entitled to compensation.

A breach of contract by the employer can in certain circumstances, entitle an employee to resign and bring a claim for constructive unfair dismissal. If an employee has not been in the same employment for long enough to qualify so as to be able to bring a Tribunal claim for unfair dismissal, then a claim for breach of contract may be the only potential remedy.

Once a claim has been filed, an employer may be able to then also take out a counter-claim against the employee who filed it.


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