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All work will be carried out by Howard Timms, a solicitor of over 20 years experience.

Employment Law

Settlement Agreements

Most settlement agreements make specific provision for the employer to pay the employee’s legal fees. Wherever possible, we try to work within the allocated amount of fees set by the employer (or in some cases we seek to negotiate an increase) so that the employee does not have to dip into their own pocket to pay our fees. If, however the employee wishes to re-negotiate the terms of the settlement agreement, then hourly rates apply for the extra time involved.

Tribunal Applications

We charge hourly rates of between £170+VAT and £300+VAT for Tribunal work. Employment Tribunal cases can range from small claims for say unpaid holiday pay to large discrimination cases, where the potential damages may be several hundred thousand pounds. We try to keep costs in proportion to the value of the claim if we can and to keep you informed during the case but obviously some matters are more time-consuming that others.

It follows that a day’s representation in an Employment Tribunal may cost between £1500+VAT and £3000+VAT (sometimes to include Counsel’s fees) with preparation time in addition. Please ask for a quote.

Damages Based Agreements

These are sometimes called “no win, no fee agreements”. Usually we charge a small fixed fee of between £250+VAT and £500+VAT for us to evaluate whether we can take a case on on a “no win, no fee basis”. Occasionally if the initial prospects of success appear to be strong and the client is not able to pay, we may waive this fee. If the case does proceed on a “no win, no fee” basis, we charge 35% of the amount of damages recovered from the other side +VAT. In addition, you may have to pay for disbursements such as Counsel’s fees and for expert reports.

How You Can Help Us Save Costs

Provide us a with a clear chronology of events at an early stage.

Provide us with all documents relating to your case at the same time with a clear index or overview as to what these documents are and what you think the relevance of them is. If sending scanned copies, please make sure they are clear, we do not accept photographs of pages taken by a phone at an angle.

Emailing rather than telephoning can save us time, though there are sometimes occasions when it is better to telephone. Please do not use text to send us instructions.

Comply with requests for information e.t.c. so we do not have to chase you.

Be aware that our time is expensive.

Licensing Applications

The amount of fees chargeable in relation to a licensing application will vary according to the nature of the application. For example, an application to sell alcohol from a shop closing at 6 p.m. is unlikely to attract as much attention from the authorities and residents as an application for a new city centre nightclub with a 4 a.m. closing time. As each licensing application is unique, please ask for a quote.

The fees set out below are averages for new premises licence applications or variation of premises licence applications. They cover the cost of processing the application. They do not include such items as advertising, obtaining pre-application advice, dealing with representations and objections, plans, attending hearings, attending meetings, drafting ancillary documentation, instructing experts or other third parties (e.g. Counsel), advising in relation to building control, trading standard or planning issues, disbursements, local authority fees or dealing with Appeals.

These fees do include taking instructions, advising on required plans, and appropriate application fee, dealing with the DPS consent form, drawing up and submitting the application to include serving on all responsible authorities, drafting the Operating Schedule, drafting notices for display at the premises and for advertisement in a newspaper, checking the licence once granted.

Straightforward cases: (little or no impact on the licensing objectives): £850+VAT

Medium cases: (likely to be some objections): £1500+VAT

Difficult cases: £3500+VAT

Please telephone to discuss your individual application and for a quote.